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Lumiere Services was established in Cyprus in 1987 and soon assumed a leading position in the Cyprus market. Its original area of business was video and film production and post-production (movies and television programmes). The company’s initial goals were very quickly surpassed and their successes were beyond expectation, undertaking 60% of the Cyprus market in TV commercials. The company maintains close co-operation with nearly all the advertising agencies in Cyprus as well as some known globally.

Lumiere Services has dominated the Cyprus market through its pioneering ideas, vision and technological knowledge, thereby helping to raise the country’s standards of commercial production. Lumiere rapidly expanded beyond the boundaries of Cyprus and as a result many foreign organizations have allocated their commercial production assignments to Cyprus. In addition, Lumiere participated as co-producer in many European feature films which were partly funded by Eurimages.

Today Lumiere Services has the ideal affiliations and expertise to provide full support for small, medium and big budget productions of the highest standards.

Lumiere Services is in a position to undertake any production in the area of commercials, documentaries, TV and audio programmes as well as sport, musical and theatrical events.

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